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Phone : (574) 234-5558

About Us

We are a small, family-owned company that has been selling sunglasses at sports shows, events and conventions for over nine years. We have had so many thousands of positive comments about our glasses over the years that we decided to offer them nationally through the internet.

We offer only premium polarized glasses. Only polarized lenses cut 100 percent of all glare as well as all ultra-violet A and B rays.

We are so proud of our glasses that we offer a full lifetime warranty. It is basically the same as the big names. ON TOP OF THAT, we are the only company to offer a warranty against loss and "accidental breakage" of the glasses. (See our warranty section for full details.)

Lastly, even though we are small, we feel an obligation to help those families who are less fortunate. Each year 10% of our profits go toward helping to feed and clothe the poor through two national Christian organizations. If you would like more information regarding this, write or e-mail us and we will gladly provide more details.