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Are your sunglasses polarized?

All sunglasses provide some degree of protection from the sun. Most provide some protection from UV A and UV B rays, SOLAR EYES provides 100% protection from UV A, UV B, and blue rays up to 400 nanometers of light.  

However, that has nothing to do with polarization so do not be confused.  Polarization stops GLARE and that has nothing to do with UV rays as such.  When the suns rays hit a flat reflective surface such as a roadway, grass, water, sand, snow, bounces off and becomes polarized and moves in a horizontal direction.  This causes harsh blinding GLARE. This glare impairs vision, causes stress on the eyes, and hampers concentration.  This can also lead to eyestrain and lower performance when driving and/or playing sports.  It can even be a problem when relaxing in the sun at the beach or on your patio. 




The drawing below shows the actual construction of our Solar Eyes lens (please note the various thicknesses are not to scale).  We made the drawings of the elements and materials the same width for ease of viewing, to help you understand the complexity of our lenses.

Our lenses feature a new lens technology designed and formulated for superior polarization and visual clarity.  These lenses are very impact resistant, and light in weight and still provide distortion free vision.

They are hard coated to resist scratching and stop 100% of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers.

These lenses are standard on all our polarized sunglass styles because we want a frame and lens combination that provide today’s active athletes with a superior product that’s lighter in weight to prevent ear and nose fatigue when wearing glasses all day.

Solar Eyes Lens Construction