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Phone : (574) 234-5558

Warranty Registration

Over the years we have had many people come up to us at an event and tell us their sad tale of how they lost their glasses and they can't find their warranty either. We talk a bit and if they seem sincere we trust them and sell them another pair under our "Loss and Accidental Breakage" warranty. Sometimes they bring back their broken glasses and tell us how the dog sat on them, their wife, girlfriend or someone else was trying them on or -----whatever. Sometimes the reason are really humorous. Sometimes, -  well you get the idea.

Anyway we have decided to give our customers the ability to register their warranty online. So that we will have all the pertinent information captured to make things easier to help them (you) in the future.

We also decided to ask for your birthdate so we can send you a birthday card and offer you a "birthday special" of some kind.

We promise not to use the information in any way that would harm you or be distasteful. Certainly, we will never sell  your name or information  to any other company or organization. We will store the information off line so that no one but us will ever see it.


Thank You,

Art for Solar Eyes


Warranty Registration

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